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          Over 15 years’

          Experience in mould making

          Since our founding in 2002, JMT has been devoting to develop the highest quality injection molds.

          30% average

          Annual sales growth

          Being precised for each design and every process, has helped us reach the highest levels of satisfaction.

          Over 30 countries and regions

          Worldwide market covering

          We supply quality goods and services to over 30 countries and regions, including China, US, India, Russia, S. America, etc

          Product center

          Vehicle mould

          What we do

          JMT is a professional mold manufacturer, specializing in large and complex molding. Our core business strategy is to provide one-stop mould solution, which include mould component mechanical design, mold design, mold fabrication, plastic component manufacturing and secondary processing services.


          2. JMT reduce customer input, enhance customer satisfaction, and we are proud of retaining 98% OEM clients which have been cooperating over 15 years.

          3. We are determined to become the world's most trusted one-stop plastic injection mold company, truly realize win-win.

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