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          HVAC mold

          Each vehicle HVAC module has six primary components: Evaporator, Heater Core, Blower Assembly, Actuators, Sensors and Filters. vehicle air conditioner moulds are necessary for HVAC housings, covers and doors.

          We have a full team of members for HVAC molding: mould flow analysis, mould making, mould inspection, all colleagues have rich experience.

          The key point for HVAC product is "assembly".

          The assembly decides whether the noise exceeding meets the standard (≤ 35 decibels). Moulds, we manufacture, all meet customer's requirements,?

          ?which is the core we have been kept in? a stable relationship with clients for more than 10 years..

          In 2019, we had? 45 projects of HVAC and produced more than 200 moulds.

          HVAC mold Case Show

          HVAC is abbreviation of Heating, ventilation and air conditioning. JMT is pretty experienced in HVAC molding range, which has processed over 100 HVAC mould jobs for both oversea and domestic OEM customers.

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