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          Customer service is of paramount importance to JMT and to this end the company has undergone a great deal of expansion since its modest beginnings in 2002. Our capabilities include:

          · Product and mould design input, indicative speedy budget cost.
          · Appropriate toolmaker selection and specific quotations, confidentiality agreements.
          · Placement and control of moulds with regular digital photographs and bar charts to guarantee on time completion.
          · Our rich experiences in auto tooling field enable us being capable to provide our customers with efficient and professional DFMA to avoid the possible issues during molding; to propose a cost-saving tooling solution for customers.
          · Submit a primary project plan to customer to let them have a timetable for their project
          · Exchange ideas with customer on the mold design, detect issues and optimize design in details.
          · Design control and product queries.
          · Control the key maching steps quality and manage the project progress according to mold processing documents, provide weekly progress and quality report to customer
          · Updating regularly as customer requested with photos and videos.
          · First shot and production trial samples with component inspection reports submitted.
          · Volume production runs if required.
          · Finished mould transport to customer including protective packaging, insurance, import duty and all necessary documentation for despatch, full tool drawings and related information.
          · Choice of transport: Sea – approximately 26 days, Air – approximately 3 days.
          · Customs clearance on arrival at country of destination and delivery to customer’s premises.
          · Attendance by a technical representative at mould start-up.
          · Guaranteed highly competitive prices and deliveries.
          · Submit all Mold recording files (spare parts list, mold testing files, processing files after shippment

          Additional Services

          · Product design consultancy
          · Computer aided product refinement
          · Part feasibility report
          · Mould flow analysis
          · Prototyping
          · Moulding support
          · USA STANDARD tooling support